The Rathdrum area is proud to be the home for several churches of varying faiths and denominations, as well as the historic and beautiful Pinegrove Cemetery, located on the eastern outskirts of town on State Highway 53. Built in 1901,

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church (pictured to the right) is the oldest brick church in Idaho, and is included in the U.S. National Register Of Historic Places.

Residents and visitors will find centers of worship throughout Rathdrum which actively participate in the local community and freely practice their faith.





                 St. Stanislaus            


Calvary Chapel Rathdrum
  15095 N McCartney St, Rathdrum, ID

Harvest Family Church
8052 W. Main St, Rathdrum, ID

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness
  14438 N Highway 41, Rathdrum, ID

Lake City Community Church
6000 N. Ramsey Rd, Coeur d' Alene, ID 83815
Living Water Fellowship                                        
  14739 Highway 53, Rathdrum, ID                                                          

New Beginnings Baptist Church
  1628 N Westwood Dr, Rathdrum, ID

Rathdrum Bible Church                                                 
  15127 N Stevens St, Rathdrum, ID

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
  13541 W Highway 53, Rathdrum, ID

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
  8026 W 2nd St, Rathdrum, ID

The Church of Jesus Christ (Latter Day Sts)

  15151 N Meyer Rd, Rathdrum, ID                                    Shepherd of the Hills                      

United Methodist Church
  7631 W Idaho St, Rathdrum, ID

Rathdrum, ID

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